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Bathymetry, Climate Change & "Offshore" Geologic History

How "un-flat" is the floor of our global oceans anyway? Discover this plus how climate and its changes influence our oceans.
  • Compare the North Atlantic Ocean's bathymetry to other parts of the world
  • Examine the margin between North America and the deep ocean
  • Examine ice core data to better understand climate change over tens of thousands of years
  • Consider how changes in sea level might affect Earth's coastlines
  • Learn how Earth's crust is created and destroyed within our ocean basins
  • Is Maine getting closer to Spain? Further away?
  • Discover why some folks are excited about finding "pillows" on land
  • Examine the connection between landforms and offshore topographic (or "bathymetric") features
  • Why can you find marine fossils on land?
  • bathymetry
  • climate
  • color-coded
  • continental margin
  • continental rise
  • continental slope
  • contour map
  • data visualization
  • deep-ocean trenches
  • Eocene Epoch
  • geologic period
  • geologic timeline
  • glacial period
  • glacier
  • gravity
  • greenhouse gases
  • hypothesis
  • interglacial period
  • landforms
  • landward
  • magma
  • mid-ocean ridges
  • Miocene Epoch
  • Oligocene Epoch
  • Palaeocene Epoch
  • pillow lavas
  • plate tectonics
  • Pleistocene Epoch
  • Pliocene Epoch
  • radar
  • Recent Epoch
  • sea level
  • seaward
  • thermal expansion
  • topography
  • variation
  • volcanic dust
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