Autumn Cruise Log: Day 01
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No oceanographic research cruise can begin without an learning about how to be safe onboard a ship. The crew of the R/V Oceanus made sure that we know where our life jackets are located and how to abandon ship, in case of extreme emergency.

Some of the science crew posed on the ship's bow as we entered the Cape Cod Canal (>>>).

In the early afternoon, just north of Cape Cod (in Cape Cod Bay), we had a "trial run" to test our equipment. We also took some in-water samples including this plankton tow (<<<).

At right (>>>), you see two microscopic views of the plankton we captured. Note that the sample is dominated by a single species that does not form chains (see lower image, >>>). If you can't guess which common type of phytoplankton this is, click here.

We also found a "phyto eater" in this sample, click here to see one of the most common zooplankton on earth.

A full suite of data was taken in Wilkinson Basin, later in the evening.

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