Autumn Cruise Log: Final Report
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The traditional end to a research voyage is a group photo taken on the ship's rear deck. This one was taken in the Cape Cod Canal. Below, Chief Scientist Mike Sieracki seems happy about another successful cruise.

The "CTD" crew took time to relax between casts (<<<).

Investigator Collin Roesler kept track of the data she collected (>>>).

Chris Sieracki operated his FlowCAM instrument while Ed Thier treated samples in the fume hood (<<<).

The "lab gals" processed samples seemingly non-stop for 5 days (>>>).

Heidi Franklin was "filterin' and grinnin'" and seemed ready for anything wearing her big yellow rain pants (<<<).

Tina Nicinski seems to be "plotting" something quite serious (>>>).

Terry Cucci watched billions and billions of cells flow by (>>>).

Stacey McLeroy-Etheridge patiently waited for her particle counter to ... well ...count particles (<<<).

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