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Here are some brief instructions on how to navigate your way through this investigation:

  • Use the arrows - in the upper right hand corner allow movement forward and backward through the investigation, next and back at the bottom of the page will do the same
  • Click on the image - Following this link will take you to an enlarged, and in most cases, a labeled version of the image.
  • Rollover images - change or highlight features by simply rolling over them.
  • Don't miss the Image Library - a complete collection of all the pictures you see in this program and hundreds more!

At the bottom of the page you'll find additional links:

  • Site Map provides a table of contents for each topic discussed and direct links to those topics.
  • Help will bring you back to this page from anywhere in the investigation.
  • Teacher Resources is a link that teachers can visit to find worksheets, activities and further discussion of topics
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shore profile
The Shoreline Profile in the upper left corner will indicate what zone you are in as you move through the investigation. By clicking on it, you can return to the beginning of the zone, or it may take you to a profile that allows you to choose the zone.
maine map
The Maine Map is a reference you can click on to identify the location where landscape pictures of the rocky shore were taken. Along with the location, the type of wave action and exposure will be described as well as directions to its location.
The film icon provides a direct link to the Image Library so that users can find similar or additional images from a particular zone. You'll find this icon at the end of each zone discussion.

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This program is made possible by the support of the Maine Sea Grant College Program and the Davis Family Foundation

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