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This library contains hundreds of images from Maine's intertidal zones, taken by Dr. Robert Zottoli. Complementary labeled versions are offered for many of the images.

Image use policy
Images on this Web site may be reproduced for non-commercial, scientific, educational and personal use only. Copying or redistribution in any manner for personal or corporate gain is not permitted without written permission from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. Please use the following citation to reference pictures and give credit to photographer, Dr. Robert Zottoli.
[R. Zottoli, Maine InterTidal Zone Investigation,]

General Zonation
Spray Zone Zonation
Upper Intertidal Zonation
Mid-Intertidal Zonation
Animals-barnacles and mussels
Lower Intertidal Zonation
Algae-fucoid species
Algae-other species
Subtidal Zonation
Algae-page 1-Red algae, Chaetomorpha
(Image # 01-16)
Algae-page 2-Assorted red and brown algae
(Image # 17-28)
Algae-page 3-Kelp, coralline alga
(Image # 29-50)
Algae-page 4-Sea lettuce, & crustose alga
(Image # 51-59)
Intertidal Animals Animals-page 1 Soft-bodied animals including Hydroids, Sponges, Polycheates, Nudibranchs
(Image # 1-20)
Animals-page 2 Gastropods, Mollusks, Crustaceans
(Image # 21-39)
Animals-page 3 Echinoderms
(Image # 40-52)

This program is made possible by the support of the Maine Sea Grant College Program and the Davis Family Foundation

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