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Several activities have been prepared to complement the virtual tour. Some activities are designed to enhance a field trip to the shore, while others are meant to be used in the classroom. Check back periodically, as new activities will be posted as they are developed. Each activity is individually aligned with the Maine Learning Results.
Online program alignment with Maine Learning Results.
MITZI the DVD-this DVD is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Bibliography of resources used for content development of this program.
InterTidal Vignettes-A compilation of classroom/lab activities to further investigate intertidal organisms. While these activities are not fully developed lesson plans, they will provide ideas, materials, and methods for taking a closer look at plant and animal anatomy, behavior, and adaptations.
CSI: Coastal Zone Investigation-Students will take a census of the intertidal using a transect study. They will apply math skills to quantify their observations. Field activity, designed for grades 9-12, can be modified for younger grades.
Mapping the Depth-Use this tidepool activity to study patterns in organism distribution in tide pools. Field activity, designed for grades 9-12, can be modified for younger grades.
Rocky Shore Food Web Food chains and food webs show the flow of energy through an ecosystem. Use this activity to teach your students to understand how animals are interconnected by feeding relationships. Classroom activity designed for grades 5-8.
Mitzi's Ponderables- Looking for discussion questions that will get your students thinking? These questions appear in the MITZI DVD and while there are no defined or correct answers they will certainly stimulate conversation and demonstrate students' understanding of a number of concepts covered in this study. Classroom activity designed for grades 5-12, at varying levels of expectation.

Do you have an activity or lesson on the rocky shore that you have found successful or fun? Share it with Mitzi and see it posted here with credit to you, email to

This program is made possible by the support of the Maine Sea Grant College Program and the Davis Family Foundation

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