Summer Cruise Log: Scientists
Sunfish? Sharks? Scenery
Sunsets Science

While at sea, the research team works hard... but also finds time to enjoy the fresh air, spectacular views and chances to discuss their favorite topic: ocean science.

Chief Scientist Mike, Terry and Joanne watch as the R/V Cape Hatteras steams away from Boothbay Harbor (<<<). Joanne, a student from the Univ. of Rhode Island, Joanne explores the ship's fantail (i.e., rear deck; >>>).

Joaquim "stands by his van" while watching the beautiful sunset (<<<). Ed prepares his slides in the ventilation hood (>>>).

Dave, Joaquim, Barney and Bruce unpack a crate... never leave port without your crowbar! (<<<) Bruce and Terry watch the clouds and try to recall "Red sky at night.... sailor's delight?" (>>>)
Terry counts and analyzes cells with the flow cytometer (<<<). Scientists Mike and Barney discuss sampling strategies and "what's happening" in Gulf of Maine waters.
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