At left is a map view of Gulf of Maine surface temperature, taken just before our autumn cruise. Our approximate track is shown from Station 1 to 12. Below it is an image of temperature versus depth from Station 1 - 12 profiles; underwater banks, ledges and basins are shown, as well. Click on maps to see larger versions.

How does surface temperature compare to current patterns?
What is the pattern of temperature with depth along track (<<<)? Are there any "blobs" of unusually hot or cold water at depth? Where might these "water masses" have come from?
Compare temperature at depth to salinity (<<). Is the densest water at bottom?

Chlorophyll content is used to estimate the productivity of phytoplankton. At right (>>>) is a map view of chlorophyll in surface Gulf of Maine waters. Can you detect a general pattern of surface productivity?

Below it, fluorescence versus depth data collected during our cruise -- from Station 1 to Station 12 -- are shown.

What is the general pattern of chlorophyll concentration? Does it change from southwest ("1") to northeast ("12")?

Is this what you expected based on surface data?

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