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Let's review the adapations of common and smooth periwinkles...


Common Periwinkle

Smooth Periwinkle
  • Uses a radula to feed on algae in the lower intertidal.
  • For longer periods of exposure a dried mucus seal forms around the shell opening reducing evaporation.
  • For longer periods of exposure a mucus seal is secreted by the foot around the shell opening, in essence glueing the shell to the rock.
  • Littorina littorea has the ability to determine its position on the shore relative to the preferred zone, can orient itself in this direction and move into more suitable conditions.
  • It demonstrates behavioral adaptations to desiccation, seeking out damp crevices and forming gregarious aggregations to reduce evaporative loss.
  • Uses a radula to scrape algae from the rocks.
  • Laying egg masses on seaweed blades and having young that can crawl away upon hatching increase likelihood of survival.
  • Shell color varies allowing for camoflauge in their environment.
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