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Learn About Ocean Tides, Tidepools & Tide Prediction
Visit a website that generates plots water level data to better understand tide types. Use the Internet to predict the times and heights of tides.
  • Discover how much Earth's ocean tides are "tugged" by the moon and Sun
  • Find out why not all coasts are "hosts" to tidepools
  • Investigate the types of tides that occur along your favorite "stretch" of coast
  • Research whether all three "tide types" can be found along U.S. coasts: diurnal, semi-diurnal, & mixed
  • Learn about tidal ranges, including one "extreme" example
  • Discover the definition of "datum"
  • Become comfortable reading tide prediction tables
  • Research how to find high and low tidal ranges
  • Using the Internet to correlate tidal ranges with lunar phase
  • Are "spring tide" and "neap tide" really tied to the moon?
  • Consider the importance of being able to accurately predict tides
  • bathymetry
  • bedrock
  • center of mass
  • datum
  • diurnal tide
  • extraterrestrial
  • gravitational attraction
  • gravitational forces
  • hydrographic
  • longitude
  • lunar phase
  • mass
  • mean
  • mixed tide
  • neap tide
  • outcrops
  • planetary alignment
  • reference station
  • relief
  • semi-diurnal tide
  • spring tide
  • subordinate station
  • substrate
  • tidal range
  • tide
  • tidepool
  • tide prediction
  • topography
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