Upwelling is the transport of deep water to the ocean surface largely controlled by winds.  The upwelling of nutrient rich water is often responsible for driving marine productivity. race journal

Cycling Through the Food Web Food chains vary among different marine habitats. Classic habitat types include the open ocean, upwelling regions, and continental shelves. Phytoplankton or marine algae and cyanobacteria, are vital to our planet's productivity since they are at the base of the marine food web. This site created by Bigelow Lab offers a comprehensive background and activities on ocean productivity. Complete with education standards, this site is appropriate for grade levels 9-12 and general audiences.

Toxic and Harmful Algal Blooms, Bigelow Lab created this site to help students gain a better understanding of toxic and harmful algal blooms. Each module consists of background content material and related standards-based activities. This site offers activities that are appropriate for primary through high school grade levels.

Upwelling is an intriguing and biologically important event that occurs, when the wind blows parallel to the coastline. This site offers a description of coastal upwelling and its effects. Appropriate for middle and high school grade levels.

The C.O.O.L Classroom, a series of Internet-based instructional modules that link middle and high school classrooms with active research investigations at the Rutgers University Marine & Coastal Sciences (RMCS) COOLroom. Here you will find activities on phytoplankton blooms, using/interpreting data, and coastal processes. The site provides instruction on how to use the COOL projects and offers printable teachers guides.

Case Study-Upwelling, try this activity from Monterey Bay Aquarium, that takes place on the California coast and learn how upwelling affects an important fishery for this region. Appropriate for grade levels 9-12.

Upwelling and Productivity, can be explored through Ocean World. An easy to navigate site created by Texas A&M University, students and educators can choose their topic of interest including upwelling and productivity and learn more. Educators will find background information and suggested activities. Appropriate for grade levels 8-12 and general audiences.

Attention Teachers!! There are two ocean education resources available only on CD-ROM that you may not be aware of...