Pre-Race Preparations-race journal

Official Vendée Globe website- This site is new and written in English. Find out the rules and history of this race, along with profiles of the qualifying skippers. This site provides ongoing race coverage so be sure to add it to your favorites.

National Data Buoy Center-Hosted by NOAA this site provides ocean weather, sea state, temperature, etc. for the area surrounding the start of the race, this information is accessed through the data buoy off the coast of France (Buoy # 62001, Gascogne).

Les Sables-d'Olonne, France  Provides local time, tide chart, offers a link to a tracking function for shipping vessels in the area, provides latitude and longitude of Vendée start location.

Glossary of Sailing Terms This comprehensive glossary will help you to decipher the sailing lingo Bruce uses in his correspondence.

Ocean Explorer "Wet" your appetite with this website from NOAA. This site offers current U.S. research initiatives as well as archived information about the exciting world of ocean exploration. Paired with curriculum and lots of lesson plans use Ocean Explorer as the launch pad for your classroom experience. Developed for gradel levels 6-12.

Victor the Vector Join Victor in his adventures as he flows over the ocean's surface currents. This story, appropriate for grade levels 1-6, provides a fun way for younger audiences to learn about ocean temperature, currents, upwelling, waves, etc.

Satellite oceanography applications look here for a discussion of how satellite oceanography plays an important role in sport sailing. Appropriate for general audiences.