The Gulf Stream is a strong, warm water current that generally flows northward, nearly parallel with the Atlantic coast of the United States.The Gulf Stream is responsible for keeping the European climate mild.  race journal

The Gulf Stream Voyage-hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology- comprehensive coverage for educators, including content standards, activities and links to other sites. Recommended for grade levels 6-12

The Gulf Stream and its Effect on European Climate this online, interactive text book provides a clear description with good graphics to explain the phenomenon of the Gulf Stream and its relationship to weather/climate changes in Europe. Appropriate for general audiences and grade levels 5-12.

For History Buffs!  Visit this link to read an excerpt from Ben Franklin’s observations on the Gulf Stream, sailing, boat design, and even food at sea.  Contains drawings and diagrams from Franklin’s journal. This was one of the first comprehensive reports of the Gulf Stream. A lengthy article but suitable for high school and general audiences.

WeatherLinks This site offers a listing of sites that offer weather and buoy data in regard to ocean conditions,including the Gulf Stream, around the globe.  View movies of forecasts, wave height, and wind direction all based on satellite information. Good teacher resource for finding illustrations/animations for the Gulf Stream and ocean conditions around the globe. Also suitable for general audiences.

Ocean Currents and Climate Change A background article on the Gulf Stream, the Global Conveyor Belt, and their relationship to worldwide climate change. Suitable for high school and general audiences.

Could you break the record for an ocean sailboat race? Try your hand at plotting a course with this interactive site that discusses the necessary elements to consider when preparing to sail around the world. Plot your course Appropiate for grade levels 5-8