Thermohaline (temperature- and salinity-controlled density) circulation of the oceans can be described as a great conveyor belt.  Many oceanographers believe that the speed of the conveyor belt has important impacts on global climate. race journal

This definition of the Global Conveyor Belt is provide by the United Nations Environment Programme. This is a succinct description, with diagram, for anyone looking for a quick overview of how the Global Conveyor Belt contributes to global climate. Appropriate for general audiences.

Hop aboard for a ride on the Global Conveyor Belt! Brought to you by the Geology Department at San Jose State University in sunny California. This candid tour of the ocean puts you in the passenger seat of the Global Conveyor Belt. Take a closer look at each aspect of this dominant circulation system through a dissection of the circulation in each ocean/geographic region. Along the way you'll be able to click on links that provide news stories/reports on how this system affects our climate. Appropriate for grade levels 7-12 and general audiences.

Ocean "conveyor belt" sustains sea life is a news story from National Geographic published in June 2004. This is an interesting article on how the "conveyor belt" contributes to and maintains three quarters of all marine life. You'll find links to other ocean related articles through this website, making it a great resource for a current events assignment. Appropriate for grade levels 7-12 and general audiences.

Oceanic Heat Budget- try balancing the books on this one!! A useful resource for educators comes to you from the now familiar Ocean World out of Texas A&M. This site offers educators a background information index including key concepts, objectives, classroom activities, and further resources for teaching the concept of the heat budget, the water cycle, regional and seasonal change, the greenhouse effect, global ocean circulation. Other ocean related topics are covered in this educator resource as well. Appropriate for middle and high school grade levels.